What We Do

Loft Boarding

We’re loft boarding experts. We can install high quality loft flooring in your property, transforming it from an empty attic to a practical storage solution.

Loft boarding is very strong because we use purpose made 18mm thick, tongue and groove particle board, which is made from various recyclable particle materials held together with super strong glue, this gives a strong secure fit.

It’s safe to walk on and store on distributing weight evenly over the sub-frame (the frame work we build underneath the boards) surface allows really safe strong storage.

Loft Ladders

We can install a range of premium loft ladders from as little as just £300 with metal and wood options available.
Enable safe and easy access to non-inhabited loft spaces without the need for installing costly and space consuming staircases. 
Our loft ladders and folding loft ladders are an ideal solution, providing easy and safe access into your loft space.

Loft Lighting

Suitable lightning is essential for any loft being used for storage. We install LED tube lighting. Using long LED light tubes instead of a single bulb gives a more even spread of light, reducing harsh shadows and greatly increasing overall visibility.

We install EcoLinear lights. The EcoLinear 5ft batten is instant on and flicker free, with each unit supplying 2500 lumens of even and bright cool white light and only using 22W whilst offering a 140° beam angle.

The EcoLinear also benefits from an easy and quick installation with the use of the supplied suspension clips to aid with installation.

It also features a super slim casing with improved thermal management due to its aluminium extrusion.

Loft Hatches

We offer a wide range of loft hatches. We can craft made to measure hatches that fit flawlessly with your new loft ladder. For complete compatibility with your new loft ladder, we can also provide a high-quality swing down loft hatch door and ladder pole that makes it easy to access your attic. Of course, our professional loft hatch installers will have it fitted and ready to use in no time at all!

You may have found the perfect loft ladder… but without the proper loft hatch, it is pointless! At The Loft Boarding Company, we offer a range of services when it comes to selecting the perfect loft hatch. We provide a professional & affordable loft hatch installation as part of our regular service too, so you can save both time and money when fitting attic hatches.